Storage Inspection Guidelines


INSPECTION SUMMARY: Each boat winterized by Sun and Ski receives a thorough 38 point "bow to stern" inspection summary. The technicians test and evaluate the operating systems of your boat to identify and confirm any areas of potential failure at spring commissioning or after spring launch. By informing customers of any required maintenance or weak components, customers can make informed decisions about preparing their boats for the upcoming season. Our goal is to avoid costly breakdowns and frustrating downtime during the operating season. To view the Winterization Inspection Summary click here: Manufacturer’s Scheduled and Periodic Services The purpose of this page is to explain the need and rationale behind the maintenance services that each manufacturer establishes for their marine engines and drive assemblies. It has been determined that a marine engine works 4.6 times harder than an automotive engine.

BOAT EXTERIOR INSPECTION: Cosmetic condition of hull gel Decals attached & in good condition Swim platform attached properly & pins installed Propeller in good condition Underwater gear in good condition

BOAT INTERIOR INSPECTION: Battery(s) installed w/ all connections tight – no corrosion Verify battery voltage Bilge pump operation (manual & automatic) Horn & blower operation Navigation & anchor light operation Courtesy lights operation, including remote (where applicable) Stereo unit, amp(s), speakers, CD changer & remote operation Key switch & neutral safety switch operation Throttle controls active & smooth operating Smooth steering, no leaks at hydraulic lines Windshield trim & walk-thru door operation Heater, shower & Binding Blaster operation (where applicable) Ballast pumps operation (where applicable) 12-volt accessory plug operational No visible/loose wires at console & under observer seat Check water strainer for debris (where applicable) Verify proper operation of additional options not listed here

POWER TRAIN INSPECTION AND RUN-OUT: Change transmission fluid Change engine oil and filter Verify fuel line connection is tight with no leaks Check transmission cooler for debris Check belts & hoses for excessive wear or looseness Verify/perform engine alignment Lubricate starter gear & shaft Crank engine & run-out Verify engine timing No water, oil or fluid leaks Verify kill switch operation All gauges working properly Check coolant level (closed cooling systems only) Plug-in Diacom to verify no DTCs